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PDI Announces Two Regional CLE Programs

PDI has announced two regional CLE programs for 2014. First up is the South Region program on June 18. A morning CLE program will be followed by lunch and a Harrisburg Senators basball game at noon. Weather permitting, the morning CLE will be at the ballpark from 9:00 - 11:00.

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PDI 2014 Annual Conference Announced

Annual Conference Committee Chairman Robert Dodds, Esquire, has announced that PDI's 2014 Annual Conference will again be held at Bedford Springs Resort this year, from July 16-18. This site has been very popular with attendees the past several years.

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Jury Instruction in Med Mal Cases

In Passarello v. Grumbine, No. 15 WAP 2012, 2014 Pa. LEXIS 373 (Pa. Feb. 7, 2014), the Pennsylvania Supreme Court affirmed the Superior Court's holding that the "error in judgment" jury charge should not be used in medical malpractice cases because the instruction imposes "palpable and substantial risks of confusing juries with respect to the standard of care".

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Consider Policyholder Ability to Settle Claim on Behalf of Insurer

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court will consider whether a policyholder forfeits its right to insurance coverage by settling a covered claim without the insurer's consent where the settlement is fair and reasonable and the insurer has failed to offer anu amount in settlement. Babcock & Wilcox v.

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Split Supreme Court Affirms Lower Court in Emotional Distress Claim Case

An evenly split Pennsylvania Supreme Court has let stand a Superior Court decision in an emotional distress claim case. The Superior Court held 2-1 in the case of Lipsky v.

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Important New Bad Faith Decision

According to a December 2, 2013 article in The Legal Intelligencer by Zack Needles entitled "Judge Allows Insurer's 'Bad-Faith Setup' Defense," Federal Middle District Judge Richard P. Conaboy issued a ruling in the case of Shannon v. New York Central Mut. Ins. Co., No. 3:13-CV-1432 (M.D.Pa. Nov.

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Four PDI Members Recognized as Noteworthy Female Attorneys in Northeast Pa

We are delighted to note that PDI members Lucille Marsh, Kimberly Moraski, Marianne Gilmartin and Melissa Dziak have been recognized as noteworthy female attorneys in Northeast Pennsylvania in Happenings Magazine.

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Governor Signs Benevolent Gesture Legislation

On October 25, 2013 Governor Corbett signed into law SB 379 as Act 79 the Benevolent Gesture Medical Professional Liability Act. The Act provides that benevolent gestures made by a health care professional prior to the commencement of a medical professional liability action are inadmissible to prove liability in a subsequent action.

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Punitive Damages for Driving While Distracted by GPS? Punitive Damages for Driving While Distracted by GPS? Maybe. read more
Bad Faith Experts Precluded by Court as Unnecessary Bad Faith Experts Precluded by Court as Unnecessary For Jury's Understanding of Issues Presented read more

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