Member Benefit: Communication

One of PDI’s strengths is information communication.

Communication Among PDI Members

PDI members regularly communicate with
one another through PDI’s listserve. Whether you are looking for an expert, expert
report, transcript, or relevant case law, PDI’s listserve is the place to get member
recommendations. One of PDI’s most popular services, PDI’s Board of Directors,
Executive Director and lobbyist also use the listserve to instantaneously reach our
members with important information or calls for action.

PDI Website

PDI recently upgraded its website to offer communication among
members, case law summaries, and articles of interest through our new Counterpoint
Plus blog. Counterpoint Plus will replace PDI’s listserve as the primary way for
members to communicate. The website also offers our quarterly scholarly publication
Counterpoint on-line to PDI members. Counterpoint is the leading publication of
its kind in Pennsylvania, circulated to all Pennsylvania judges. The website also now
offers a searchable membership directory, a legal research library, access to legislation
of interest and amicus briefs filed by PDI. These benefits are available only to
PDI members.

Interaction with Other Defense and Insurance Industry Organizations

PDI has a close working relationship with Defense Research Institute, the national defense
organization. PDI also regularly interacts with other state defense organizations and
with other Pennsylvania organizations on issues of common interest.

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