PDI Member Benefit: Education

Over the past several years, PDI has significantly increased the number and improved the
quality of its continuing education programs for PDI lawyers and insurance
industry members.

  • PDI conducts annual regional continuing education programs around Pennsylvania.
    Reasonably priced for lawyers and free to insurance industry employees, these
    programs offer up-to-the-minute information on topics of interest to our members.
  • PDI also conducts substantive law programs, such as workers compensation law
    updates and a conference on issues important to women.
  • PDI’s Annual Conference brings keynote speakers and presenters of interest at sites
    pleasing to our members and their families. These Conferences offer education,
    networking and fun for attendees.
  • PDI also moderates in-house CLE programs for its members. Ask for PDI’s
    Continuing Legal Education Programs brochure for more information.

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