Scott Millhouse, President

Pennsylvania Defense Institute


In this, PDI’s 50th year, we have challenges and opportunities.  How do we better help our members develop their careers and their practice?  How do we help others understand the importance and the integrity of our legal system and the insurance industry? How do we maintain and improve PDI as the intelligent and fair Voice of the Defense Bar?  How do we better support and advise our clients? How do we better support and inform our judiciary and our legislature?  How do we better encourage other members of the Defense Bar to join our organization and make our “Voice” better and louder?

Each of you must have at least one idea in response to at least one of the questions posed above.  We would very much like to hear that idea and, if possible, use it to continue to build PDI.  We ask you, therefore, e-mail your idea to or, better yet, pick up the phone and call me.  We very much look forward to working with all of the members of PDI to continue to make the organization smarter, stronger, and more helpful to the members, the courts, the legislature and the insurance industry.

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